Chilli Basket

A range of spicy Lakeland products for all Chilli lovers in a Medium White Willow Tray

  • Cumbrian Delights, Cumbrian Hot Spot (210g)

  • Cumbrian Delights, Peri Peri Relish 185g

  • Friendly Food & Drink, Tomato and Chilli Sauce (225ml)

  • Quiggins, Fudge Chilli (150g)

  • Lakeland Hampers, Chocolate Bars Chilli (100g)

  • Mr Vickies, Banana Habanero (225g)

  • Mr Vickies, Brinjal (210g)

  • 2 x Shaw Meats, Fire Cracker (30g)

  • Starleys, Cumbrian Curry (28g)


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