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Deep South Beef Stew

Deep South Beef Stew

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Made from a traditional Kentucky recipe this incredibly flavoursome stew is packed with a variety of grains and herbs to give it a rich flavour with a peppery kick. Suitable for a slow cooker.

Easily makes 4 good size portions. (has been known to feed a family of 6)

Ingredients: Rice, yellow and green split peas, brown lentils, pearl barley, macaroni, vegetable bouillon, garlic, onion, tomato powder, Italian seasoning, season all, Beef stock and salt

Allergens: Gluten and wheat

To make: Brown 250g minced beef, drain excess fat and add packet to pan with 2½ pints of water and a can chopped tomatoes. Bring to boil then simmer for 1hr 15 mins stirring regularly. Alternatively, slow cook with braising steak. Serves 4-6+

Nutritional Information: per serving when based on 4 servings:
Energy 1067kj and 252kcal, Fat 1g of which saturates 0g, Carbohydrates 45g of which sugar 3g, Fibre 11g, Protein 11g and Salt 2g