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Freya's Mead

Freya's Mead

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Freya (Old Norse meaning ‘Lady’) is one of the pre-eminent Goddesses in Norse mythology. She is the Goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination and magic.

This mead is a ‘Melomel’ (fruited honey mead) using Wildflower honey. It is wild fermented (no yeast is added – we use the natural yeast present in the honey) and has freshly squeezed orange juice added to the fermentation process.

The addition of orange juice gives it a slightly softer and fruitier taste, making it a firm favourite with drinkers of cider and medium sweet white wines.

FREE FROM: Gluten, Wheat, Fish, Dairy, Sulphites, Eggs, Gelatin – suitable for vegetarians


ABV 14.5%