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Westmorland Basket
Westmorland Basket

Westmorland Basket

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  • Cumbrian Delights, Lakeland Pickle (205g)
  • Cumbrian Delights, Wholegrain Honey Mustard (195g)
  • Cumbrian Delights, Red Onion Relish (205g)
  • Cumbrian Delights, Rhubarb & Apple Jam (210g)
  • Ginger Baker, Damson and Brandy Fruit Cake (500g)
  • Romneys, After Dinner Mints (250g)
  • Huttons, Handmade Luxury Truffles (6)
  • Lakeland Hamper, Hot Chocolate Stirrer (40g)
  • Cumbrian Delights, Damson Syrup (330ml)
  • Displayed in a White Willow Tray